Frequently Answered Questions

What materials are baupanel® System made of?

The central core of the panel is made up of expanded polystyrene with a density of 15 kg/m3 – 25 kg/m3 that is cut in a rippled manner to improve the compliance of the concrete when discharged. The EPS core is edged with mesh of straight and/or corrugated steel, depending on the kind of panel, which are linked together by a series of connectors that go through the EPS core. Once the micro-concrete has been shotcreted, the panel performs like a compound section because of the connection of the two concrete layers by way of the steel connectors.

Is baupanel® a prefabricated system?

baupanel® is not a prefabricated system. It is defined as an industrialised or semi-prefabricated system, because the panels is made in the factory and delivered with the exact length according to its position in the building design. The micro-concrete is shotcreted on site.

The main advantages of the above are:

  • Greater flexibility in the building works if it is necessary to amend the project.
  • The setting out can be done with lower accuracy than in prefabricated system.
  • Since the micro-concrete is shotcreted on site, there is no need for joints (except for expansion or construction joints)

Is baupanel® resistant to Seismic tremors?

Buildings made with the baupanel® system practically weigh 35% less than a conventional building, the acting seismic stress on our buildings is lower than that rate. In addition, the joints between the panels are reinforced with galvanized plain meshes that give extra strength to the structure. They have certain capacity to become distorted during the earth tremor and, afterward, to recover its previous state.